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Here's a cartoon inspired by the brothers Brosmind drawn out from Adobe Illustrator.

I have a strength with cartoons and making things that aren't quite realistic.

Here's an idea for an ipone case; illustrations of all the phones that come before.

Taking something we use everyday, and making people think more about it, how we got to the iphone, and what kind of phones came before.

Here's a mock movie poster I made to showcase all the special effects you can acheive using Photoshop.

One of my favourite pieces, This ended up almost like a painting, with each layer, it would just keep looking better and better.

This logo was created for the local band, River City Radio.

Made for a local band, River City Radio, when their first album came out, they wanted to say something big with a new look. They really dug the rough grit that this logo showed.

A package design with a different shape to it, really makes it stand out.

This teabox is dying to stand out from the rest. Using a unique polyhedron shape, these teaboxes can be placed tumble style in the display while all the rest of the boxes fall flat.

A logo design for a local garage that was designed with Chevy Truck being the main focus.

Took the concept of the clients shop, a local garage thaat has been in the family for 50+ years. And took the Chevy truck as the main focus, making it stand out with it's candy apple red.

Link to my Facebook Page |Link to my Twitter Page |Link to my Behance Page